• Bheemabhai Mahila Mandali

    Non Profit Organisations That Work Independently

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  • Bheemabhai Mahila Mandali

    Non Profit Organisations That Work Independently

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  • Bheemabhai Mahila Mandali

    Non Profit Organisations That Work Independently

Bheemabhai Mahila Mandali (BMM)

Bheemabhai Mahila Mandali (BMM) is a secular, non-profit, and women development voluntary organization. founded by Mrs.Vasamsetti Nandivardhana in the year 1995 and registed on 7th September 1995 with a determination to strengthen the women and also alleviate poverty in her motherland. It is registered both under the A.P of Societies Act and the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. BMM is a well-known Voluntary Organization in Kakinada District and it works for women rights and empowerment aimed at gender justice. It has been striving for the Economic development of the women of the down-trodden and weaker sections of the society called “Dalit Bahujan Communities” more than Three decades of Tallarevu, Karapa, Kajuluru and Kakinada Rural Mandals and Ramachandrapuram Mandals.

Regarding Health activities, the organization has organized Free Medical Camps,and provide better health services to the women, children and needy people in the community. ‘Nutritious food’ is supplied to the children of poor families. Legal Aid and family counseling is being provided up by the BMM to protect the women from Atrocities by their family members.

Bheemabhai mahila Mandali (BMM) is engaged in the activities of HIV and AIDS, violence against women and girl children, Acts of women and children, health and hygienic seasonal illness like viral fevers, typhoid, jaundice, malaria and chronic diseases.

Since its origin Bheemabhai Mahila Mandali (BMM) is working for the poor and Dalit communities to awake against the social evils such as Alcoholism, Prostitution, Dowry System, Corruption etc. Since its inception, the institution was actively engaged in of social service to the helpless and down-trodden.... Read More

Our Programmes

Aims and Objectives

To establish library with good books and magazines which are use full to develop the knowledge of the members of the society.

To develop unity and fellow feeling among the members.

To starve hard for the eradication of illiteracy the establishing adult education centres.

To teach about fine arts among members during leisure hours.

To starve hard for the upliftment and welfare of the physically handicapped and mentally restarted people.

To starve hard for the welfare of the women.

To create awareness among women.

To conduct Skill development programs to women.

To conduct environment programs

To provide legal Aid.

To strive hard for the protection of health of the poor.

To work for the welfare of the older persons, children’s and orphans.

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Bheema bhai Mahila Mandali working for Sustainable Development & Goals is, NO POVERTY, ZERO HUNGER,GOOD HEALTH & WELL-BEING, QUALITY EDUCATION,The organization is following United Nations programs for Sustainable Development.

Your donation empowers families living in poverty with lasting access to safe water and the hope, health and opportunity it brings.

Anyone who wishes to become a Donar.. Call Us Today+91 9440528078